Electricity costs and  energy usage are both universal and vital to every business operation, yet everyone’s annual electricity costs continue to rise un-checked.  Why does everyone accept this trend?

Go back 20 years and look at how electricity costs were managed at that time! It’s no different than today! You receive your monthly electric bill and regardless of how you feel, you have to pay the amount specified without question. Not knowing it’s accuracy, you also fail to realize there is an alternative and better way of  paying lower electricity costs.

How do you verify your electricity bill, how can you confirm its accuracy, or simply how do you break down that big costs into understandable information that helps you justify that expense.  Today there’s a distinct lack of data that’s missing, in order for you to truly understand why your electricity bill is the size it is.

Can I reduce my electricity costs?

Reducing Electricity costs

Commercial buildings are renowned for wasting as much as 30% of the electricity they pay for annually. Basically because know one tracks their electricity costs or consumption any other way than reviewing their monthly electricity bill. Utilizing this outdated method, you are denied the visibility necessary to identify opportunities to reduce your costs. Every building has tremendous potential  to reduce energy usage and  cut electricity costs, but in order to make informed decisions to save, then more data and greater visibility are required.

Real time energy monitors allow you to collect all the necessary data on your buildings current performance and  consumption profiles. Helping you identify areas of waste, inefficiencies and overspending by delivering real time data of your electricity usage.

Electricity is a necessary commodity, it powers our lives, it allows us to be comfortable, see in the dark and be entertained by the many different sources. Industries rely on electricity to function, yet most people are happy to let the electricity company manage their power bill. How much say do you have currently on your next electricity bill?

E-TRAQ by vootu is the solution to preventing overspending on electricity costs. By capturing essential electrical data and displaying this in easy to understand charts and graphs your electricity profile becomes visible. With E-TRAQ installed you can start to manage your electricity use and identify and eliminate electricity waste, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Start measuring today and managing tomorrow, regain control and your costs will reduce significantly once E-TRAQ is providing real time data.

vootu provides unique building specific turnkey solutions to remove all electricity waste within any type of industry. Our services are guaranteed to lower your costs and prevent continued electricity waste.

With today’s electricty prices at the highest in history, why continue to overspend when vootu can guarantee to eliminate this problem. Becoming energy efficient and paying for only what you need cuts your Carbon footprint, help achieve your sustainability goals and improves operations. All of these savings without increasing your current budgets.

vootu energy reduction programs are always budget neutral, we guarantee the savings from your electricity bill will finance your energy saving program. There’s no reason to overspend on electricity when you can create a program that pays for itself from day one.

If you currently don’t have a real time energy management system installed in your facility, then you’re simply overspending by at least 30% every time you pay your electricity bill.

Saving energy for the future starts by adopting the technology of today, the old ways of paying for electricity are too expensive. Less expensive electricity bills start by adopting energy management systems designed to deliver the data you need to be in control.

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