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5 Easy Tips on Saving Energy

By November 7, 2017 No Comments
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Saving Energy –

Everyone likes having extra cash in their pockets, so why is the concept of energy efficiency often overlooked? Becoming fully energy efficient is something that must be completed by an energy professional by conducting an energy audit and implementing appropriate energy saving solutions to directly lower your electric costs. But, you can still be saving energy by consciously taking action in simple ways.

1. LED Lighting. 

Upgrading to LED Lighting has become mainstream as many recognize the direct benefits of replacing outdated high wattage bulbs with efficient LED low wattage bulbs. LED Lighting provides better quality light at a fraction of the cost, a win-win for saving energy! Be sure to look for Energy Star certified bulbs/fixtures, as they prove to be durable and most products offer rebates. To shop our widest range of LED products, CLICK HERE!

2. Wash your laundry with cold water.

By running a cycle in the washing machine with cold water opposed to hot, you are eliminating the energy being used to heat the water. About 75% of the energy used during a load of laundry is just from warming the water. Be sure to use quality detergent for cold washes.

3. Utilize your window shades. 

Keeping your house or office at a comfortable temperature is a priority. When it’s hot outside, remember to keep your window blinds closed allowing the interior temperature to remain cooler without extra air conditioning costs. An easy energy saving tip!

4. Turn off all appliances when not being used. 

This tip may seem like a no brainer, but many people constantly leave things plugged in and running even though they aren’t using them. Anything from leaving the lights on, to turning of the HVAC when going out of town, or simply unplugging appliances when they’re being unused. Turning things off and unplugged when not in use is an easy way to keep electric costs down.

5. Regularly change your filters.

It’s an important safety precaution to change your dryer and air conditioning filters routinely. By replacing your filters, the appliance operates more efficiently, in result using less electricity to run which will directly lower your energy bill.

If you’re interested in more information on saving energy, or have a business that could benefit from a complete custom energy efficiency plan, give vootu a call at 727.314.8656, or email us at [email protected]. We are your energy professionals.