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Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide

By April 15, 2021 No Comments
Global warming graph

Electricity usage invariably leads to higher Electricity Costs, which in turn leads to increased global warming, which leads to Catastrophic Climate change, which then leads to disaster! This is not in any way an over exaggeration, but a reality of what we all face today, unless changes are made to the way we use electricity. The stage is currently set for DISASTER, the graph above clearly indicates, we are not going in the right direction.

Despite what many might chose to believe regarding the topic of global warming the above graph shows clearly how the increased release of carbon into the atmosphere directly increases global temperatures. If this trend is left unchecked and not revered or even slowed down, then the consequences are that globally our climate will continue to destabilize. The impact will disrupt our lives and businesses creating economic and social chaos.

Do you realize or even think about the impact of;

  • Droughts affecting food production, causing scarcity and skyrocketing prices
  • More intense and frequent storms causing damage to homes, businesses and our infrastructure
  • No Homes, No business and NO FUTURE

It’s no overstatement when I say most people never give global warming a seconds thought, yet every day our addiction to using electricity continues to increase and play a part in accelerating this real problem.

If you prefer to disagree with global warming being affected by our less than responsible use of electricity, would you also agree that wasting electricity and unnecessarily increasing your costs is a good use of money? Probably not!

Most people don’t support waste in any form, even though on occasion it’s unavoidable. In this instance energy waste is not occasional it’s a permanent part of everyday energy use. It’s well documented that commercial facilities alone waste 30% of the electricity they purchase!

So right now, 30% of your electricity costs are needless and avoidable, and can be eliminated. No one would ever be any the wiser if you did eliminate energy waste, other than your bank balance. Why then given these facts, would you continue to ignore this expensive problem, perhaps we have been conditioned for far too long to accept the monthly electricity bill for what it is and not question it, believing based on the information presented that all was good!

Knowing where to start when reducing energy waste can be extremely difficult. Traditionally you’ve only ever received one bill each month that tells you very little, you don’t know what equipment consumed all that energy, how much they individually cost or how much energy is even being wasted each time.

The good news for everyone is that reducing the amount of energy you use is one of the fastest, most effective ways to save either yourself or your business money. In addition it will also reduce the amount of Carbon released into the atmosphere, helping to further combat global warming.

Solving all of the energy waste problems that most organizations have is not a task for those who are not recognized as having a proven track record for achieving the goal of becoming energy efficiency.

Electricity waste comes in many different formats, many opportunities hide within all facilities to finally improve energy use and performance, but first you have to make those opportunities visible. Verifiable energy data will drive informed decisions, no guesswork needed to be effective at Energy Management.

Today technology exists that removes the veil hiding where energy is being used, how much it’s using and how often it’s being used. No longer do you have to guess, energy data can be made visible therefore providing exact data to rely upon.

It’s time to embrace technology and become a responsible user of electricity and eliminate all inefficiencies and energy waste, that are in fact everyday driving up your energy costs needlessly and contributing to further global warming.

Vootu specialize in electricity cost reduction and are experts at identifying where all of your energy waste hides. Our load side saving technology will optimize the equipment you already have and improve its energy use and increase its working life. E-TRAQ our proprietary energy monitoring system will bring a new level of visibility to all energy use and also display in real time, now all energy improvements come with complete transparency. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, so that’s why we always start with E-TRAQ a complete measurement and verification system.

Call Vootu for immediate help and to start the process of eliminating this long standing problem 727 314 8656 Reduce your costs and help combat global warming for everyone’s benefit.